L’Express Hydraulique offers a comprehensive hydraulic repair service, including hydraulic pump repair, hydraulic cylinder repair, and hydraulic hose repair, both on-site and in the workshop. We ensure to maximize the efficiency of your machinery through meticulous repairs and regular maintenance.

Hydraulic pump & cylinder repair

We repair all kind of hydraulic pumps and cylinders! Qualified professionals ensure the inspection and refurbishment for optimal operation of your equipment. We handle your needs!

Hydraulic excavator repair and maintenance

Our hydraulic excavator repair and maintenance service ensures expert interventions to maximize the performance and durability of your machines. Entrust us with your equipment with confidence.

Repair and maintenance of hydraulic cylinders

Our specialists ensure the precise and efficient repair and maintenance of hydraulic cylinders. Reliability and performance guaranteed to extend the lifespan of your equipment.

Hydraulic adapter repair and maintenance

At L’Express Hydraulique, we ensure optimal performance of your adapters with reliable and efficient interventions.

Forestry mulcher/shredder repair and maintenance

Professional solutions on-site or directly at our location for maintenance and repairing of your shredder, mulcher and chrusher.

Hydraulic hose repair

Trust your hydraulic hoses to L’Express Hydraulique for fast and durable repairs.

A dedicated team

Our team works proactively to extend the lifespan of your equipment and enhance their performance, reliability, and safety. Preventive maintenance is essential for saving time and money. Inquire now about our on-site and on-the-road service through our mobile units.

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