About Us

L’Express Hydraulique was founded in 1996 by Mr. Richard Poulin who wished to provide his expertise in the hydraulic maintenance of heavy machinery. With his 15 years of experience Mr. Poulin quickly became a reference in the world of hydraulics

Has a pioneer in the industry of hydraulic maintenance, L’Express Hydraulique continuously faces an increasing demand for their services. Many times the company has had to move in order to increase their installations and improve their location.

Throughout the years Mr. Poulin was able to transmit his passion and his expertise to his son David. As passionate as his father, it is in 2016 that David took over the responsibility of the company. To this day, L’Express Hydraulique is proud to contribute to the technological evolution in the hydraulic world and to render their client’s machinery and equipment more efficient and productive.

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21 D Rue de Lyon
Repentigny (Le Gardeur)
Québec, J5Z 4Z3