Lock Valve

The lock valve, an essential component in securing hydraulic systems, finds its crucial place in various industrial contexts. In the event of a potential rupture, this valve intervenes to prevent any sudden and abrupt movement of the cylinder, thereby limiting the risks of material damage and injuries to operators.

ISO 8643

In many countries, the importance of the rupture valve is emphasized by strict standards such as ISO 8643, which require its use when machinery is deployed for lifting purposes. This regulation reflects the recognition of its crucial role in protecting equipment and individuals.

It is worth noting that the presence of a rupture valve in no way hinders the proper functioning of the machinery. On the contrary, it ensures maximum performance by providing an additional layer of safety. By minimizing the potential consequences of a hydraulic failure, this valve helps maintain the productivity and profitability of industrial operations.

For Secure Hydraulic Systems

In short, the rupture valve represents an essential investment for any company concerned about the safety of its facilities and employees. Its integration into hydraulic systems provides indispensable peace of mind in an environment where the risks of failure can have serious consequences.

Lock Valve

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