L’Express Hydraulique specialises in the sales, the installation, the modification and the repairs of hydraulic machinery. Our team offers a turnkey service and will complete the work rapidly and efficiently in order to maximise the efficiency of your equipment and your company.


L’Express Hydraulique offers you the possibility of purchasing all of the necessary components for your hydraulic needs. We sell only well-known brand products such as: Wessel, Lynch, Gates, FAE, Hyspec, Galtech,Walvoil, Hystar and Petro-Canada. We offer you a vast array of products such as: adapters, hydraulic motors, power units, hydraulic cylinders, hose couplings, ferrules and all kinds of hydraulic valves.


specialises in the assembly of high quality hydraulic hoses. This was the main service that we offered at our start-up and we have acquired an exceptional expertise throughout the years. Our experts will assemble hoses that fit your specifications in order to insure the efficiency of your machinery. L’Express Hydraulique has all the necessary equipment for all of your projects no matter the size.


We care about offering our clients solutions that are adapted to their needs. Specialists in the optimisation of hydraulic equipment, we are able to modify your hydraulic machinery as to take advantage of its full potential. The goal of these modifications is always to render your equipment more flexible and efficient whilst remaining durable and secure. Our team of specialists have the necessary expertise to install, modify and adapt your machinery to all types of hydraulics. Whether it is on-site or in our shop let us optimize the efficiency of your machinery whether it be heavy, industrial or agricultural.


L’Express Hydraulique offers you an on-site and in-shop repair service for all your hydraulic parts, including hydraulic cylinders, in order to insure the maximum efficiency of your machinery. Although we have a vast inventory of parts that allow us to repair your broken equipment, our teams regularly work preventively. Our preventive maintenance lengthens the lifespan of your equipment while insuring an increase of their efficiency, their reliability and their security. Preventive maintenance is the best way to save time and money. Contact our team if you have any questions.

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